How To Sell A Home In A Floodplain

This article was contributed by Arthur Murray - lead writer for the blog.

Say a client comes in with a home he or she wants to list – the photos of the house and rooms look great, it’s in a terrific school district, the local crime rate is low. Everything looks fantastic until the client mentions one last point – the house is in a 100-year floodplain.

This isn’t great news, because it means potential buyers, in order to get a federally guaranteed mortgage, will be required to purchase flood insurance currently at the some of the highest rates. This means that the great house you’ll try to sell will come with two prices – the price for the property and the price to insure it.

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Reesio Launches Revamped Documents Platform!


Are you ready for Reesio’s Documents section to be on steroids? Because now it is! The Reesio team is excited to now offer folders, searching, splicing, splitting, and emailing documents Into transactions as part of its completely revamped Documents section. You now have the ability to:

  • Organize your documents by folders and sub-folders.

  • Sort documents by name, type, created by date, and signature state.
  • Search for any document or folder name.

  • Splice and split documents. These features allow you to turn multiple documents into one document, and also split one document into multiple documents.

  • Email documents directly into transactions. Each real estate transaction within Reesio now has a unique email address associated with it. When you receive documents via email from other sources, simply forward those documents directly to the email address for that transaction, and they’ll automatically show up within the Documents section in Reesio! No more having to download, save, and re-upload those documents.

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Mark Saldana, the Marketing Manager at 500 Startups, stopped by Reesio headquarters earlier today to ask me about Reesio, real estate technology, and startups in general. Reesio was part of Batch 6 at 500 Startups last summer. It was great catching up with Mark and discussing a variety of topics. Listen in!

Tickets For RealTech 2014 Are Now On Sale!


Reesio is once again excited to be putting on its own real estate and technology conference — RealTech 2014 to be held in Las Vegas on April 17th! We have an awesome lineup of speakers for this event, including Sherry Chris, the CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, and Josh Flagg, star of the hit Bravo TV show Million Dollar Listing LA.

Super Early Bird Tickets for only $99 are now on sale, and can be purchased on the RealTech website at:


Ticket prices include a full pass to see all speakers and exhibits, along with FREE breakfast, lunch, snacks, and cocktails! You won’t find a better deal for your conference dollars anywhere else.

But hurry, because Super Early Bird Tickets will go up in price soon. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas on April 17th!

CAR Sends Reesio C&D For “Screenshot” of CAR Form On Its Site


Either the good folks at CAR are getting impatient that they haven’t been able to bully a startup for the past 6 months, or they simply have way too much time on their hands. Regardless of the reason, their latest stunt is one for the ages.

As I was sitting at JFK airport in New York last Friday, getting ready to fly home from the Real Estate Connect conference, I received the following email from a staff attorney at CAR:

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5 Tips To Sell Your Client’s Home Faster


There are times when the real estate market is so hot that it feels like you barely have to make an effort to make a sale. Other times, the market seems to dry up and it can be difficult to get potential clients to bite. During these slower seasons, there are a few different methods that can be used to tap your way into the clients mind and to get them to purchase a home from you.

Research has shown that people respond best to stimuli that interacts with one or all of the five senses. By creating scenes within the home you’re trying to sell that tap into these senses, you’re more likely to make the house appealing to the client and land your sale. Here are 5 tips you can use that tap into each of the 5 different senses:

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Tis the Season - 6 Tips for Successful Holiday Open Houses


The holidays are the perfect time for real estate brokers to announce their special open house events and to showcase their best properties. It’s also an opportunity to ramp up your seasonal real estate sales. After getting your homes prepped and ready to show, it’s time to throw open the doors to make a positive impact on your real estate sales that will last for months to come.  

Anyone can throw an open house. However, it takes a real pro to launch a holiday open house that will reel in the serious buyers. Here are some tips to help you with open houses for the holiday season:

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Reesio Makes Its Transaction Management Product Completely Free! And Launches Offers, Marketing, and Lead-Gen


The Reesio team is excited to announce that our entire transaction management product is now completely free for all users! Our existing transaction management platform includes electronic document sharing and signatures, workflow and task management, alerts/activities, messaging, notes, and broker compliance. In addition to making our existing transaction management product completely free for all users, we’ve has also launched a slew of additional features that we think will help us continue to become a true one-stop-shop for real estate agents. These new features include:

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How To Establish Your Social Brand As A Realtor

A vast majority of real estate agents are using social media to connect with buyers and sellers at breakneck pace. Yet, too few realtors understand the true power of social networking in terms of developing a brand. In terms of marketing, a brand is a unique way any real estate pro can stand out from among the competitors and become the go-to agent in town. Having a brand can elevate your agency in a big way. 

To establish your brand as a leading realtor, you first need to understand your target market of potential buyers and sellers. Depending on the types of homes you sell and the community you serve, you must get to know what your customers look for in properties and the news they enjoy about in the local real estate scene. Once you have this decided, you can then begin to build your professional real estate brand.

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John Dulay Gets Promoted To Co-Founder Of Reesio!

The Reesio team is excited to announce that we’ve promoted John Dulay to Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer! John has been with us almost since the beginning, joining us as our first early stage employee and VP of Engineering on May 29, 2012 (about 4 months after we started the company).

Since that time, John has done a fantasic job in learning what it takes to be a co-founder of a fast-paced, venture-backed startup. His commitment, dedication, and hard work fit the Reesio culture perfectly. And his ability to both code and think through the customer experience makes him the perfect Chief Product Officer.

This is a very well-deserved promotion, and we’re excited to have you on the founding team John. Thanks again for all of your hard work and we look forward to many more great things from you in the future!

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